Website Audit -- Let's Identify Opportunities for Growth by Tiffany at How to Entrepreneur

Have Me Identify Website Growth Opportunities for You

Do you wonder what you could do better? What you could do more of? Or, how you can achieve more of your goals on your website? If so, this website audit could be a Godsend!

I'll go to your website, analyze your customer journey, the site structure, the SEO, rankings and more to tell you how you could get better results online.

Website Audit -- Let's Identify Opportunities for Growth

What's included?

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Congratulations and What's Next
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Step One: Feedback Request Form
Website Feedback Request Form
Step Two: Give Analytic and Search Console Access
Directions for Giving Google Analytics Access
Directions for Giving Access to Google Search Console
Step Three: Be on the Look Out in Your Email
Watch Out for My Email!