Launch a Blog that Drives Online Sales - [DISCONTINUED VERSION] by Tiffany at How to Entrepreneur
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Launch a Blog that Drives Online Sales - [DISCONTINUED VERSION]

It’s likely that if you’re here, you’ve seen a mix of ways you’ve been told to start a business. Some will tell you to start by incorporating. Some tell you to start with product development and patents. Some tell you to start with funnel software and ads. Let me show you a method to start a business: 

  • with low overhead costs
  • high return on investment
  • and lots of support along the way.
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What's included?

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Welcome and Introduction
Welcome and Introduction
Start your Blog with a Free Wordpress Website, 10 Modules of Training, and 7 days of Free Coaching
Why Start a Blog?
Why is Blogging Important for Business -- See How it Can Benefit Startups and Established Businesses
Blogging as a Business vs. Blogging as a Marketing Strategy
What do Bloggers do? Skills, Requirements, and Work Schedule
Proof that Blogging works
20 Blog Income Reports
What's the Difference in a Successful Blog and one that's Not?
10 Habits that 6-Figure Bloggers Have
Step One: Choose a Niche
How to Choose a Niche (Plus 100+ Niche Options)
Step Two: Build a Website
Demo: I Build a Niche Site Live
Step Three: Create Monetization Strategy
How to Find Good Affiliate Programs
A List of Top Affiliate Programs for Beginners
Step Four: Create Content
Build your Editorial Calendar and Begin Posting Consistent Content (Free Template)
DEMO: How to Write a Blog Post (including templates)
Bonus: 28 Ways to Write Content Faster
Step Five: Do Market Research
How to do Keyword Research
Step Six: Get Traffic
30+ Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog
Step Seven: Make Money
The Breakdown of How Money is Made Online
Bonus Lessons and Case Studies
How to Start a Personal Development Blog (with Examples)
How to Start a Relationship Advice Blog (with Examples)
How to Start a Personal Finance Blog (with Examples)
How to Start a Sports Blog (with Examples)
How to Become a Fashion Blogger (with examples)
How to Start a Christian Blog (with examples)
How to Start a Weight Loss Blog (with Examples)