16-Week Online Business Growth Bootcamp (with Weekly Video Group Coaching) by Tiffany at How to Entrepreneur

16-Week Online Business Growth Bootcamp (with Weekly Video Group Coaching)

What's included?

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Week One: Analyzing Your Commitment
Business Has Risk
Week One: Analyzing Your Commitment: Quiz
Week Two: Get Clear About Where You're Going
Homework: Submit Your Quarterly and Monthly Goals
Week Three: Get Feedback (1 Million Cups Style)
Homework: Submit Your Business for Review
Week Four: Leveling up your Prioritization and Time Management
1st Dollar Habits
+ $100 Compounding Habits
The 95/5 Rule
Week Seven: Realistic Startup Money Management
SWOT Analysis
Identify Working Controls
Bookkeeping Habits
Week Eight: Choose 1-2 Lead Generation Strategies for the Quarter (or more)
Test to See Which Channel You Like
Analyze what Others are Doing to See What's Working
Try Proven Strategies
Decide what Works Best for You
Lead Generation Strategies that Work
Master a Lead Generation Strategy
Why I Recommend SEO
The Three Levers in Business
Homework: Submit your Lead Gen Plan for Review
Week Nine: Level up Conversions
Buying Motives
Empathy Mapping
Spying on Your Website Visitors
Principles of Persuasion
Building your Email List
Site Structure for Paid Traffic Sites
Site Structure for SEO Sites
Site Structure for Social Media Sites
Customer Journey
Homework: Submit Your Funnel
Homework: Identify Your #1 Conversion Goal for the Quarter
Sales Funnels
Week Ten: Level up the Client Fulfillment System
Types of Predictable Paying Products
Types of Predictable Paying Services
Your own Product vs. Affiliate
Your own Service vs. Affiliate
Why I Recommend Selling Products and Services as an Affilite
How to Get Affiliates to Help Sell Your Product or Service
Choose the Partner that's Most Relevant with Your Vision
Homework: Level Up UI/UX