August 2020 - How it Works! For Local Lead Generation Startups by Tiffany at How to Entrepreneur

August 2020 - How it Works! For Local Lead Generation Startups

What's included?

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Welcome and Introduction
Congratulations and What to Expect
How to Get Hands-on Support as You're Going thru the Course
Rank and Rent Live Webinars?
Lesson One: Why Rank and Rent SEO
Renting Websites vs. Renting Physical Property: How's it Different?
The Benefits of Rank and Rent SEO
Who Might Like Rank and Rent SEO
Who Might Not Like Rank and Rent SEO
Alternative Business Models to Rank and Rent SEO
Lesson Two: Proof Rank and Rent SEO Works
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Lesson Three: How to Make Local Lead Generation Websites
Step One: Choose a Niche
Step Two: Build a Website
Step Three: Get Traffic
Step Four: Monetize the Traffic with Clients
Lesson Four: How to Get Traffic to Local Lead Generation Websites
Traffic Generation Method 1
Traffic Generation Method 2
Traffic Generation Method 3
Lesson Five: Productivity - How to Reshape your Schedule to Make this Work
Pomodoro Technique
How to Make a Schedule
A 12-Month Plan
Lesson Six: How to Monetize Rank and Rent SEO Skills
Method One: Rental Contracts
Method Two: Ad Management
Method Three: SEO Management
Method Four: Hosting
The Math Behind a 6-Figure Company
The Math to 10X and Become a 7-Figure Company
Lesson Seven: How to Get Rank and Rent SEO Clients
The Customer Life cycle
Prospecting: How to Contact Clients
What to Say to Clients
How to Track the Clients You Transfer
How to Price for Services: Method One
How to Price for Services: Method Two
How to Price for Services: Method Three
Lesson Eight: Google My Business and Rank and Rent Websites
How to Get an Address
What is Google my Business?
How Google My Business Works
Lesson Nine: How to Keep Rank and Rent SEO Clients
Customer Service Tips
Make Payment Easy
Give them Performance Reports
Clearly understand Expectations
Document, Document, Document
Lesson Ten: Outsourcing
Likely Positions You'll Need
How to Make a Job
How to Scale so the Business can Become Passive
Lesson Eleven: Basic Bookkeeping things You Should Know
How much does it cost to start?
How long does it take for ROI?
What Factors can I Control to Get Paid Fastest?
Recommended Tools for Rank and Rent SEO
My Hosting Recommendations
My Link Tracking Recommendations
Recommendations to Strengthen your Sales Skills
DFY Lead Generation Website Recommendations